The Biosimilars Forum Launches Updated Website Content

Site Includes Information about Biosimilar Development and Approval

The Biosimilars Forum updated its website to better educate patients and their healthcare team, lawmakers, payors, and the general public about biosimilars. The website makes information about biosimilars, the development process and regulatory pathway more accessible and easier to understand.

“It is important that patients, providers, regulators, and other stakeholders have access to clear, engaging and accurate information about biosimilars,” said Juliana M. Reed, executive director of the Biosimilars Forum. “The Biosimilars Forum is the leading source of information and policy priorities for the biosimilars industry, and our updated website helps fulfill our mission to raise awareness and increase uptake for safe, effective and lower-cost biosimilars.”

The content on the Forum’s website aligns with the latest biosimilar research and includes graphics, designed elements, and FDA materials. The updated content includes:

  • Foundations – An overview of biologic medicines; both originators and biosimilars
  • Core Principles – Biosimilar definitions, the underlying principles and approaches used to develop biosimilars
  • FDA Regulatory Tenets – The U.S. regulatory pathway and the FDA approval process for biosimilars including that used to obtain an interchangeability designation
  • Benefits of Biosimilars – An overview of the many benefits of biosimilars to patients, healthcare providers, payors and society
  • Biosimilars FAQ – Clear answers to the most frequently asked questions about biosimilars

“The Forum’s Science and Education Committee works to disseminate accurate and timely materials on biosimilars and stop the spread of biosimilar misinformation,” say Hillel Cohen and Dorothy McCabe, Co-Chairs of the Biosimilars Forum Science and Education Committee. “The updated website showcases educational resources that explain the biosimilar development and approval processes as well as the value of biosimilars in an approachable and understandable manner.”

The Biosimilars Forum aims to serve as a credible resource and increase access to lower-cost biosimilars. For more information on the Biosimilars Forum’s work, visit