Biosimilars Forum Executive Director to Discuss Current Biosimilars Landscape at World Biosimilars Congress

Juliana M. Reed, executive director of the Biosimilars Forum, will provide an overview of biosimilar regulatory framework and user fees at the Festival of Biologics World Biosimilars Congress in San Diego, CA.

“I’m thrilled to speak at this year’s World Biosimilars Congress to discuss important regulatory issues facing biosimilars and how industry leaders can work together to help these lower-cost treatments reach their full potential,” said Reed. “This is a terrific opportunity to talk with industry leaders about how to lower drug costs and increase drug choice for patients.”

Reed will discuss the regulatory action items described in the BSUFA III commitment letter, which streamlines the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) biosimilar approval pipeline. She will highlight specific priorities in the commitment letter, which include biosimilar review, staff needs at the FDA and meeting management enhancements.

Reed will also highlight the major policy priorities of the Biosimilars Forum, which include both patient and provider incentives for biosimilar utilization, a plan to waive patients’ out-of-pocket costs for biosimilars under Medicare Part B and market incentive policies to reduce drug costs.

Reed will also participate on the panel Regulatory Lessons Learnt and What Can Regulatory Guidelines Do to Improve Access Going Forward to further discuss the need for policies that prioritize biosimilar availability and adoption.

The World Biosimilars Congress brings biotech, academia, and research institutes together to share their insights.

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