Senator Wyden, fulfill your promise to lower drug costs for Oregonians by increasing access to next generation generics known as biosimilars

For too long, Oregonians have faced high prescription drug costs due to misaligned incentives and anticompetitive practices.

Last Congress, a group of Senators introduced bipartisan legislation that would decrease drug costs by fundamentally realigning incentives to increase the use of next generation generics known as biosimilars, which have the potential to save patients $100 billion by 2024 if Congress acts now.

Senator Wyden has the opportunity to make biosimilars an important part of the massive budget reconciliation bill Congress is considering by including provisions that would increase the add-on payment to physicians for prescribing biosimilars from 6% over the average sales price to 8%. Although a few percentage points may not seem like much, this would result in a substantial increase in biosimilar prescriptions, saving patients, the government, and taxpayers money.

Senator Wyden, we are counting on you to stand up for Oregon and pass commonsense legislation that increases access to lower cost biosimilars.

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