Biosimilars Forum Announces Launch of Biosimilars Roundtable

Representatives from across the biosimilar community will work together to improve access and grow market for innovative products

Biosimilars Roundtable releases fact sheet to educate stakeholders about lifesaving treatments

WASHINGTON, D.C. (December 3, 2018) – The Biosimilars Forum today announced the formation of the Biosimilars Roundtable, a working group dedicated to advancing biosimilar products and increasing access to biologic medicines. The Roundtable comprises nearly 40 stakeholder groups across the health care community, including patient advocates, physicians, pharmacists, payers, regulatory agencies and manufacturers.

The new group will work together to eliminate barriers to biosimilar development and increase awareness of the benefits of biosimilars in improving affordability and access to care for patients across the country. As its first formal act, the Biosimilars Roundtable released a fact sheet that educates stakeholders about biologic and biosimilar products, outlines the rigorous approval process of the Food & Drug Administration and addresses misconceptions about biosimilars and their efficacy.

“One of the factors that has made the European biosimilars market so successful is strong support from a broad range of stakeholders at every stage of the development process,” said Juliana M. Reed, President of the Biosimilars Forum. “Through the creation of the Biosimilars Roundtable we’re working to replicate that engagement here in the U.S. and ensure that everyone – from patients to physicians to regulators – has a seat at the table. We’re proud to have convened such a diverse and dedicated group of experts and look forward to working with all members to improve access to these life-saving treatments.”

In October, the Biosimilars Forum hosted the third in a series of conversations between stakeholder groups to discuss the biosimilars landscape and future of the industry. These conversations led to the formation of the Roundtable as an opportunity for collaboration among a wide range of organizations.

To view the fact sheet and learn more about biosimilars, click here.